Sunday, December 11, 2011

Throwback: The Supreme Lameness mixtapes Vol.1 pt. 1 (Trouble Man - Juggaknots)

The name of this blog comes from the name I used to give all the mixtapes I made as a teenager to 20-somethin yr old (I'm currently old as hell at 31). This blog is just a natural progression. So I decided that I'ma start posting random tracks off of said mixtapes. I'll have to start with the "mix CDs" but once I can get the cassette tapes out of storage, I'll start posting some of the tracks off of those. That'll be some real old school. Hope you all enjoy... if not, "I feel sorry for your mother". Enjoy Trouble Man by Juggaknots off of Supreme Lameness Vol. 373: Fuck A Bedtime!

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